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Transparent Prices for our Candidates

Why we charge what we do: an explanation of price!

Great value training and price

We believe that when it comes to price, the conversation should be something transparent. Our candidates are practical people, so why not have an open and honest conversation? We hope this page helps you to see just some of the work, costs, and value that go into making your course an idea into reality!

We always endeavour to keep the price affordable for our candidates, but will never sacrifice the candidate experience or quality of training when making a budget-related decision.

Factors that dictate the price of your course

Course length

It’s to be expected that the length of your course is going to affect the price – time is money! Longer courses require equipment to be borrowed for more time, trainers to be available for longer, and so on.

Registration and assessor fees

Each candidate requires registering onto their course with their relevant training, and these associated fees differ depending on the course and awarding body. Alongside this, there are fees for each assessor which must also be taken into account. These fees are also changeable depending on the assessor and their specialty.

We keep this transparent on our course pages. For example, if you look at a chainsaw course price, we split the total into training and assessment so you can see where your fee goes.

Trainer wages

We think our fantastic trainers are the best of the best, and of course, they deserve great wages. The trainers market is a competitive one, and to ensure we employ knowledgeable people, we offer a great wage and lots of professional development opportunities. Often an overlooked cost when it comes to training, our trainers go above and beyond when it comes to candidates, and put in plenty of hours before and after a class to ensure everything runs smoothly. Trainers are not only qualified in what they do but also have industry experience and still practice those skills on a regular basis. Which all takes time and personal expense to stay on the top of their game.

Equipment price

Our equipment is always in tip-top condition. The team regularly checks to ensure any wear and tear is quickly taken care of, and replacements are issued when needed. To ensure the utmost safety measures are taken into account, these repairs are more than a patch-up job and the price tags are often costly. We also like to have different pieces of equipment to show candidates and where possible try out, this way you can see what is available before purchase, think of it along the lines of try before you buy. Furthermore, just like many of our business candidates, we also have to undertake LOLER inspections of our climbing equipment too.

Before training begins…

We have put together a lot of effort to make the browsing booking process the exact opposite… effortless! Some behind the scenes work (and costs) include:

A state-of-the-art website (which you are on right now!), automation throughout the booking process which triggers emails and information to be sent to candidates, an invoicing system, an all-new registration process, printing costs, personalised software, and our all-important candidate portal that you have access to from the moment you purchase a course until you decide you no longer need it.

COVID-19 measures and price

Like many businesses, we have altered our operations in line with COVID-19 guidelines and government advice. We want all our candidates to feel safe during their course, and you can find out more about these measures using this link.

Ongoing costs

There are several ongoing costs which must be paid, even if we have no candidates at all! These include the mortgage and running costs of our building, the company vehicles and workshop, and also important insurance costs.

We hope the insight above helps you to see some of the work and costs behind the scenes. We work on having the best of the best when it comes to training, equipment, trainers and assessors. This is why we have such great ongoing reviews and see the majority of our candidates return again and again.

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