Award in All Terrain Vehicle Handling Sit Astride

City and Guilds / NPTC Level 2

(ATV Sit Astride – Quad bikes)

Lowe Maintenance ATV Sit Astride quad bike training and assessment

ATV Sit Astride

This course is ideal for those who use a Sit Astride ATV (quad bike). If you work in the rural economy you might need a training certificate to validate your insurance. The minimum age for taking this qualification is 16 and please note this course does not replace any legal requirements for a driving licence.
This course covers:
  • pre-use checks;
  • maintenance;
  • instrument and control identification and recognition;
  • safe driving;
  • manoeuvring the vehicle on rough terrain and slopes.

There is also the option of covering  the use of trailer or trailed attachment within the course. Please let us know, when you book, if you want to include this as part of the qualification.

Award in All Terrain Vehicle Handling Sit Astride City & Guilds NPTC Level 2

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course you should be able to:
1) Carry out pre-use safety checks and operations.
2) Operate and ride / drive an ATV.
3) Ride / drive an ATV with a trailer or implement (if requested).

17th February 2020

23rd March 2020

21st April 2020

26th May 2020

23rd June 2020

30th July 2020

27th August 2020

Please note that the assessments are To Be Confirmed (TBC) and you will be emailed with dates once the assessor has been scheduled. We try to book the assessments in the week of the training but cannot guarantee this.

Experienced Operators

Training fee £125 +VAT = £150 per person.
Assessment plus City and Guilds registration fee £130 per person (no VAT).
Total £280 per person.

Novice Operators
Training fee £250 +VAT = £300 per person.
Assessment plus City and Guilds registration fee £130 per person (no VAT).
Total £430 per person.

All fees are payable upon booking.

Please bring with you the following kit:
1) Helmet with chin strap.
2) Non snag clothing.
3) Safety footwear.

Experienced Operators

One day training plus approximately 2hrs assessment on a separate day.

Novice Operators

Two days training plus approximately 2hrs assessment on a separate day.

Please note that the assessments are to be confirmed and you will be emailed with a date once the assessment has been scheduled.

We do try to ensure that the assessment is consecutive but cannot guarantee this.

Award in All Terrain Vehicle Handling Sit Astride City & Guilds NPTC Level 2.

Do you need a refresher? HSE advises that you complete a refresher every 5 years, although some insurance companies state every 3 years. We can help. We tend to run the courses when we have couple of people requiring the same units for refreshing, if you get in touch we can add you to the list and let you know when the next refresher date is planned for.
Equally if you have a group of people we can put a date together just for you.

ATV Sit Astride – one day refresher £125 +VAT = £150 per person.

You will receive a Lowe Maintenance Certificate of Completion.

Don’t need a qualification? Your insurance company are happy for formal training only? Then we can help. We can carry out formal training with no accredited assessment.

One day, training fee £150 +VAT = £180 per person.

You will receive a Lowe Maintenance Certificate of Completion.

Why do I need a ticket for ATV’s?

ATV’s are sometimes seen as a bit of fun and not fully respected, at the end of the day it is a machine designed to do a job and if mis-used the consequences can be fatal. Fatalities are becoming more frequent due to people not understanding the machine and its capabilities.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Under Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 you are required to wear appropriate PPE in the workplace. A helmet therefore should be worn.

If not driving for work related matters on the road by law, you don’t have to wear a helmet as it is meant to be safer as all wheels are in contact with the road surface.

If off road you are expected to wear a helmet due to the terrain that you will be driving on, this applies for ATV sit astride (quad bikes) and ATV sit in because of contact with the ROPS (Roll Over Protection System)

Common sense would hopefully kick in, these machines are not toys and as such you should ensure you are wearing a helmet at all times and if you are able to take passengers they too should be wearing a helmet.

Will I be driving with a trailer?

If you choose to do the trailer unit too, then yes. Ideally try and get some practice in reversing the trailer before attending the course and assessment.

If you don’t require the trailer unit, please let us know on booking as we automatically put you down for it at the same time.

Do I need a driving license?

If you are driving on the road, then yes you will need a driving licence.

Is there one ticket for all machines?

No, it is dependent on which machine you will be driving. ATV sit astride, ATV sit in, Argo cat is a separate one again.

Can training and assessment be carried out in the same day?

ATV sit astride, not at the moment. It is classed as a more dangerous machine, so it can only be done through an independent assessment with City and Guilds.

However this is looking to change in the near future so please do ask to see if integrated is available.

ATV sit in, yes this can be completed in the same day through integrated training and assessment.

How old do you have to be to drive an ATV?

Legally you must be over 13 years old.

However, manufacturers may state that you have to be 16 years old if this is the case that is the age that someone can drive that particular model.

Can we do the course at my work place?

Yes, if the machine is in safe working order and you have the terrain to enable the course to be completed on. Please get in touch to discuss the suitability of your machine and site.

Do I have to do the full course?

No, you can choose to do just the ATV training with no assessment process. If your insurance company are happy with this, it does reduce the cost. Please get in touch for more details.

What terrain will the course cover?

As part of the course you will be expected to drive up, down and along slopes.

Will I have to reverse the trailer?

If you have chosen to do the trailer unit, then yes. You need to be able to reverse around a 90-degree angle. We would advise getting some practice in beforehand if you haven’t done much before.

What maintenance is carried out on the course?

General pre-use checks to ensure suitability to drive, such as fuel, oil, water, electrics, tyres, air filter etc.

Anything above and beyond would be carried out when you send the machines for servicing.

Do I have to know about engines in detail to attend?

No, you will learn during the course what is needed and what is expected of you under Health and Safety and PUWER legislation.

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