Award in Aerial Tree Pruning 21-07

City and Guilds / NPTC Level 3

(formally CS40)

Aerial Tree Pruning 21-07 (formally CS40)

Award in Aerial Tree Pruning 21-07 City & Guilds NPTC Level 3 (CS40) is a 2 day practical course.

This course is for people who require a certification in the pruning of trees, to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 regulations.

The course will enable you to:

  • inspect and comment on key parts of the equipment to be used;
  •  prepare the equipment for use ensuring the safety of themselves, other people and the environment;
  •  comment on the structure, condition and properties of the tree(s) to be worked on;
  •  use a chainsaw and other pruning tools, whilst maintaining a working position within the crown of a tree;
  • Safely use a rope and harness, working together with ground staff.

Award in Aerial Tree Pruning 21-07 City & Guilds NPTC Level 3 (formally CS40).

Prior to coming on this course you must have the Award in Ground Based Chainsaw Operation 20-03 & 20-04 (CS30 & CS31),  Award in Tree Climbing and Rescue 20-13 (CS38) and Aerial Cutting of Trees with a Chainsaw Using Free-fall Techniques 21-08 (CS39).

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course you should be able to:
1) Promote health and safety and industry good practice.
2) Carry out aerial pruning of a tree.
3) Understand relevant health and safety legislation and industry good practice.
4) Understand how to carry out aerial tree pruning of a tree.

Minimum numbers of 2 are required for this course to run, potential dates are:

28th – 30th August 2019

28th – 30th October 2019

If you have a group of people requiring training please do get in touch for alternative dates

Please note that the assessments are to be confirmed and you will be emailed with a date once the assessment has been scheduled.

We do try to ensure that the assessment is consecutive but cannot guarantee this.

Training fee £250 + VAT = £300 per person
Assessment plus City and Guilds registration £185 per person (no VAT).

Total £485 per person.

All fees are payable upon booking.

Two days training.

One day for the assessment (on a third day).

Please note that the assessments are to be confirmed and you will be emailed with a date once the assessment has been scheduled.

We do try to ensure that the assessment is consecutive but cannot guarantee this.

Please bring with you the following kit.
1) Climbing kit to include flip line or soft strop with current LOLER certificate.
2) Chainsaw protective trousers.
3) Climbing helmet with visor and ear defenders in date.
4) Chainsaw boots.

All other PPE and equipment can be supplied by Lowe Maintenance at no extra cost, under the proviso that any damages and / or losses are replaced by the candidate.

Please get in touch with us if you wish to use your own equipment to check its suitability.

Award in Aerial Tree Pruning 21-07 City & Guilds NPTC Level 3.

Do you need a refresher? HSE advises that you complete a refresher every 5 years, although some insurance companies state every 3 years. We can help. We tend to run the courses when we have four people requiring the same units for refreshing, if you get in touch we can add you to the list and let you know when the next refresher date is planned for.

Equally if you have a group of people we can put a date together just for you.

Award in Aerial Tree Pruning (formally CS40) – one day refresher £100 +VAT = £120 per person.

Please change to: You will receive a Lowe Maintenance Certificate of Completion.

Don’t need a qualification? Your insurance company are happy for formal training only? Then we can help. We can carry out formal training with no accredited assessment.

Three days, training fee £250 +VAT = £300 per person.

You will receive a Lowe Maintenance Certificate of Completion.

Why do we need to prune trees?

Pruning is a way of removing branches that are causing harm or damage to the tree. It’s a way of reducing weight in the tree without encouraging heavy re growth. The type of tree decides the severity of the pruning you can do and how much you can do at any one time.

Why can’t you just chop if off?

It is easy to ruin and destabilise a tree by just hacking away at it

Does a proper pruning cut matter?

Yes, a proper pruning cut can allow the tree to self-protect but if you have hacked a branch of and left a large wound then it will encourage pests and diseases to enter and damage the tree in the long term.

Will I be using a chainsaw on the course?

The main cutting tools used are loppers, secateurs and handsaws but sometimes a chainsaw is used to deal with bigger limbs.

What’s the difference between CS39 and CS40?

CS 39 is more to do with cutting bigger wood that is hard to control, whereas

CS40 is for when you can easily get to points of the tree that are in need of thinning out and the wounds are better put in with a thin blade than trying to cut a little twig with a chainsaw.

Do I really need the CS40?

Depending on the work you are doing not always. It is being used a lot more by railway and utility companies, as they have realised that a properly pruned tree lasts longer and is easier to manage than a tree that has been sided off with therefore a greater risk of failure.

Can I do the CS40 and CS41 at the same time?

You can but it will be a lot to take in and the assessment fee may be a bit more as the assessor can only do a certain number of tests in one day.

We would recommend doing them separately so that you learn everything required in a reasonable timeframe and you are not putting excessive pressure on yourself.

What’s the difference between, crown thinning, crown reduction and crown lifting?

Crown thinning removes all the crossing limbs and thin out the canopy of the tree to let air through and limit the weight of the tree while keeping the shape of the tree. Crown reduction reduces the overall canopy to a manageable size and staying within the percentages required to keep the tree healthy. A crown lift removes the lower limbs of the tree to allow movement around the base of the tree, this does not have to be a large limb just taking off some side branches will allow the main branch to lift.

Do I need someone on the ground for lowering?

There is no lowering involved in this unit but it’s best to have someone on the ground in case you have a hand saw strike.

Is rope work and rigging involved?

No rope work or rigging is covered in aerial tree pruning, that is covered in aerial tree rigging 21-09 (formally CS41).

Can I go straight from CS39 to CS40?

Yes, the pre-requisite for aerial tree pruning 21-07 (CS40) is to have aerial cutting of trees with a chainsaw using free fall techniques 21-08 (formally CS39) therefore if you have passed CS39 you can do CS40. As they cover different topics it’s quite a straightforward next step.

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What’s my next steps?

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