Award in Felling and Processing of Trees over 380mm 21-11

City and Guilds / NPTC Level 3

(Formally CS32)

CS32 Felling and Processing Trees over 380mm

Felling and Processing Trees Over 380mm 21-11 (formally C232)

This is a course for felling trees over 380 mm and involves the use of a winch plus the taking down of trees that are hung up.

You will cover the relevant theory and practical experience to aid successful completion of the course.

To take part in this course you need to have completed the following courses:

  • Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross Cutting 20-03 (CS30)
  • Award in Felling and Processing Trees up to 380 mm 20-04 (CS31) .

This course is ideal for people who operate chainsaws to fell trees larger than the guide bar length.

Please bear in mind that this course has physical demands and requires the carrying of equipment in woodland and forest environment.

Award in Felling and Processing Trees Over 380mm 21-11 City & Guilds NPTC Level 3

Prior to coming on this course you must have the Award in Ground Based Chainsaw Operation 20-03 & 20-04 (CS30 & CS31)

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course you should be able to:
1) Identify the risk assessment and emergency procedures on a work site.
2) Select equipment required for safe and effective felling.
3) Fell medium sized trees safely and accurately using an appropriate method.
4) Sned and / or de-limb medium sized trees.
5) Cross cut stems over guide bar length in diameter to a given specification.
6) Select winching equipment suitable for take down of a medium sized tree.
7) Take down a hung up medium sized tree with a winch.

25th – 26th March 2020

5th – 6th May 2020

29th – 30th July 2020

30th September – 1st October 2020 – spaces

Please note that the assessments are to be confirmed and you will be emailed with a date once the assessment has been scheduled.

We do try to ensure that the assessment is consecutive but cannot guarantee this.

Training fee £250 +VAT = £300 per person.

Assessment plus City and Guilds registration £186 no VAT per person.

Total £486 per person.

All fees are payable upon booking.

Two days training.

One day approximately for the assessment (on a third day).

Please note that the assessments are to be confirmed and you will be emailed with a date once the assessment has been scheduled.

We do try to ensure that the assessment is consecutive but cannot guarantee this.

You will require:
1) Chainsaw footwear.
2) Chainsaw gloves.
3) Chainsaw trousers.
4) Helmet with ear defenders, visor and in date.
5) Chainsaw with bar no longer than 18″.

All other PPE and equipment can be supplied by Lowe Maintenance at no extra cost, under the proviso that any damages and / or losses are replaced by the candidate.

Please get in touch with us if you wish to use your own equipment and machinery to check its suitability.

Award in Felling and Processing Trees Over 380mm 21-11 City & Guilds NPTC Level 3.

Do you need a refresher? HSE advises that you complete a refresher every 5 years, although some insurance companies state every 3 years. We can help. We tend to run the courses when we have a couple people requiring the same units for refreshing, if you get in touch we can add you to the list and let you know when the next refresher date is planned for.
Equally if you have a group of people we can put a date together just for you.

Felling and Processing Trees over 380mm (formally CS32) – one day refresher £125 +VAT = £150 per person

You will receive a Lowe Maintenance Certificate of Completion.

Don’t need a qualification? Your insurance company are happy for formal training only? Then we can help. We can carry out formal training with no accredited assessment.

Two days, training fee £250 +VAT = £300 per person.

You will receive a Lowe Maintenance Certificate of Completion.

What tickets do I need to fell over 380mm (CS32)?

  • chainsaw maintenance and cross cutting 20-03 (formally CS30)
  • felling and processing trees up to 380mm 20-04 (formally CS31)

What size of trees can I cut?

The certificate is for 380mm and above so potentially you can cut monsters after the course but it takes time to build up the knowledge to cut very big trees. A tree is not measured at ground level but at chest height so a tree 380mm at chest height could be a nice bit of wood to deal with. The reason we measure at chest height is because the base flairs and looks a lot wider then it really is.

How big a chainsaw do I need?

The minimum guide bar size for the course is 18inch this will give you plenty of bar length to achieve the type of cuts we will use. It will make it much easier to cross cut the stem and deal with anything else that crops up.

Why do you need a winch for felling trees over 380mm?

The size of trees makes it harder to twist out a tree using a felling bar so winches are used in the hung-up part of the course. We provide the winch for the course so you know it will be the right size and type needed.

What winch size do I need?

If you wish to bring a winch with you on our course, you will need one with a straight line pull of 1600kg. However, we do provide them for the courses so if you haven’t bought one already, we recommended waiting until you have done the course so you have a better idea of what is available and what you like and don’t like.

Does size and strength matter?

The strongest muscle you have is the one between your ears (brain). If you can think through the problem, then these days, with the equipment to hand, you don’t need to be built like a brick privy. The more tree work you do then physically you will start to develop.

Can I do over 380mm straight after under 380mm?

Yes, you can but we advise people to go out and hone your up to 380mm skills before you go for above 380mm. There has to be a gap so you can get used to working with the saw and moving timber, then when you feel it is right you can go for the above 380mm.

Is there a large trees ticket now?

Yes, there is but there aren’t many large trees in the country. The 380mm and above will cover you for most trees but if your knowledge has grown to the level where you are felling much bigger trees it may be worth taking on the large tree ticket.

How tall are the trees that we’ll be felling?

There is no set height, it is down to diameter at chest not how tall. A plantation grown tree can be very tall and thin whereas an open grown tree can be very broad and short each tree is different.

Do I need to stack the timber?

The size of the timber you will be dealing with will make it very hard to stack as it will be cut to product lengths and the manual handling regulations will not let you break yourself just for a course. What you do in your own working environment is up to you but best practice is to use a mechanical means to stack the timber.

Will I have to stack the brash?

Yes, it’s good practice to tidy the brash into designated rows or piles and keep the forest floor as easy to move around as possible. This is all part of having a good reputation too, if you leave sites a mess you could be limiting future work.

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What’s my next steps?

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