Together We Can Break
the Sheep Scab Cycle

Break the Sheep Scab Cycle aims to support the management of sheep scab, stop reinfection and empower farmers.

Safe use of sheep dip training course in Settle North Yorkshire

Our Campaign

Sheep scab had been almost eradicated, but it's back with a vengeance. If we work together and take the correct approach, we can break the cycle.

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Our Experts

Many industry stakeholders are collaborating with us. If you feel passionate about Break the Sheep Scab Cycle and would like to have a role, please do get in touch.

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Our Materials

Materials such as posters, fact sheets, and information leaflets from vets, trainers, and experts are available for everyone. Individuals and organisations can download and share them with their team.

Our Campaign

We are Lowe Maintenance, a national land-based and forestry training company. We offer an online course for The Safe Use of Sheep Dip, and with it, the all-important City & Guilds accreditation. Based on our knowledge, insight, and talking to our community of farmers, auctioneers, experts, and vets, we wanted to support the industry with a campaign to raise awareness of scab, which is at an all-time high.

We have entitled this Break the Sheep Scab Cycle. The national campaign will support the management of the disease, stop reinfection and empower farmers to adopt a prevention mindset by working together as a community.

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Our Experts

Richard Schofield

Richard Scofield, Sheep Dipping Expert, and Assessor with over 20 years of industry experience explains: ‘Sadly, the scab has returned with a vengeance, but this time we have all the tools to combat it. If we work smartly and collaboratively, we can break the cycle.

Responsible treatment and testing are our weapons, but used incorrectly we’re just battling and not winning the war on scab.

Dipping, where necessary, should be done sequentially from September to the end of November in relation to how high up the flock grazes, taking place before tupping. And of course, coordinating with neighbouring farms is vital. Being open and honest is so important. No, matter the bio-security –  knowing thy neighbour has never been more important. Bolstering this with testing and when there is a breakout, rapid & targeted treatment, and testing in infected farms in the vicinity until scab has gone.’ 

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Karen Swindlehurst

 Vet Karen Swindlehurst, BVMS, MRCVS, a farm animal vet specialising in flock health, explains: ‘We are seeing a significantly higher incidence of scab than in the past. The recent development of a blood sample to screen for scab infestation is a game changer in the diagnosis and control of the parasite. The fact that we can detect scab within two weeks of exposure makes this an incredibly useful tool in diagnosis and control. We can, for example, screen purchased sheep to ensure we are not introducing scab.

Control depends on good biosecurity and quarantine measures in flocks alongside timely treatments of all sheep. A key element here is the coordination between neighbours to ensure treatments are carried out in a short time interval. This prevents infestations from being constantly spread.

In fact, shepherds working together will tackle the stigma around the condition and in turn, reduce the number of cases. To get a diagnosis and tailored health plan, speak to your local vet.‘

karen Swindlehurst

Together We Can Break The Cycle

Many industry stakeholders are collaborating with us, if you feel passionate about Break The Sheep Scab Cycle and would like to have a role, please do get in touch.

Our mission is to work together to eradicate sheep scab. We have done it before and if we unite, we can do it again.

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How to Become Accredited

Did you know it’s a criminal offense to use sheep dip without accreditation?

Not only could you incur a fine, but you could face a prison sentence.

Lowe Maintenance provides online training courses and has launched the UK’s first and only online City & Guilds-accredited course for the safe use of sheep dip. The only time you need to leave your farm is for the final face to face assessments will take place in Settle, North Yorkshire.

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Download Our Materials

Please complete this form and we will email you the links to our Break The Sheep Scab Cycle materials.
This list will grow over the coming weeks.  Available materials include:

  • Lowe Maintenance Sheep dip calibration record Gold Fleece

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