Outdoor Kettles and Accessories

Outdoor Kettles, Thermette and Volcano Kettle are trade names for this very efficient portable piece of kit for boiling water outdoors using whatever fuel you have to hand such as twigs and other small, combustible materials. Other names include the Ghillie Kettle and campmaster.

The Kettle consist of a water jacket surrounding a fire chamber which creates an upward chimney draft ensuring efficient and rapid boiling even on a wet and windy day.

The kettles date back to the 1890’s when a small farmer and fisherman Patrick Kelly developed his first kettle from tin, he then developed a kettle in copper and now they are made from aluminium, stainless steel etc.

The kettles are normally constructed from durable heat-conductive metal, such as aluminium, stainless steel, copper or tin. The heat source is usually from paper and twigs, which are placed in a base below the main body section which holds the fuel and contains the fire whilst it burns. Additional fuel can be added to the fire without removing the kettle by dropping it down the chimney.

The kettles are a popular and safe way to have a hot drink whilst in the great outdoors. They are seen as an essential piece of kit for a wide range of people e.g. arborists, campers, walkers, Scouts, gardeners, fisherman and survival groups to name but a few.

We regularly use an outdoor kettle on our courses to ensure that candidates and trainers can have hot drinks throughout the day.

We will be stocking a few sizes of kettle, as well as the Lowe Maintenance Kettle Jacket a fantastic bit of kit that that performs two functions.
1) The Lowe Maintenance Kettle Jacket reduces the boil time by half and
2) Allows a far greater ease of movement as the fabric covers the hot metal area.

The Lowe Maintenance Kettle Jacket is made from hard wearing flame retardant ventile on the outside and the inside is made from intrinsically flame retardant wool which means when you have finished with the kettle and are packing away no small live embers will be put into the bag or vehicle.

1 Litre Kettle Jacket

The jacket fits most major brands


Popular Kettle Bag
Outdoor Kettle Bag


1.5 litre Kettle Jacket

The jacket fits most major brands of a 1.5 litre size