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Tree Climbing and Rescue 20-13 (CS38 September 2019)

Training 5 days plus 1 day for assessment

Training fee £450 +VAT = £558 per person

Assessment plus City and Guilds registration fee £182 no VAT per person

Total £740 per person

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The Tree Climbing and Rescue course (CS38) is a 4 day or 5 day practical course depending on your experience of tree climbing.

The tree climbing and aerial rescue (CS38) training course therefore enables you to:

  • successfully identify the hazards and risks associated with the working area;
  • outline the emergency planning procedures;
  • know the current health and safety legislation and environmental factors;
  • for instance to carry out a hazard evaluation of a tree;
  • different methods used to access a tree safely and positioning techniques used within crown;
  • use access and positioning methods within the tree;
  • and in addition descend safely from the tree and implement different rescue methods.

The training course has physical demands and requires the carrying and movement of equipment in woodland environments.