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Aerial Tree Rigging 21-09 (CS41 May 2020)

Training 3 days plus 1 day for assessment

Training fee £375 +VAT = £450 per person

Assessment plus City and Guilds registration fee £195 no VAT per person

Total £645 per person

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The aerial tree rigging course is ideal for people working as arborists or tree surgeons either self employed, as a sub contractor or employed by larger companies, councils or railways for example.

As a result of this course you should be able to:

  • Successfully identify the required personal protective clothing;
  • Apply correct health and safety for aerial operations;
  • Select correct lowering equipment;
  • Lower branches out of the canopy using above and below anchor points;
  • Remove branches from a tree, safely lowering to the ground using ropes and lowering systems;
  • Remove sections of wood from a pole whilst using spikes;

The aerial tree rigging course has physical demands and is at advanced level of training.

Therefore we advise that before coming on the course you take the time to look through the document in the following link:  Evaluation of current rigging and dismantling practices used in arboriculture Research Report RR668 , as a result this will help you with your practical assessment.