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Manually Fed Wood Chipper April 2019 20-57

One day integrated training and assessment

Training fee £180 +VAT = £216 per person

Assessment plus City and Guilds registration fee £62 no VAT per person

Total £278 per person

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Professionals such as landscapers, arborists, railway, councils within the land based sector use brushwood chippers to turn hard to move brash piles into an easy to move wood chip pile. In some cases this can add value to waste produced.

As a result the machinery this course covers ranges from the tractor mounted PTO driven units, to self-propelled trailer and tracked units.

Likewise this course does not cover the gravity fed units, it focuses mainly on the more powerful roller fed that have a far higher potential of accidents.

As a result the unit covers the following areas:

  • how to carry out a risk assessment
  • current health and safety legislation and environmental good practice that underpins wood-chipper operations.
  •  appropriate PPE for the use of the wood-chipper.
  •  how to check and maintain the wood-chipper.
  •  operate a wood-chipper.
  • carry out post-operative checks.
  • clean and appropriately store a wood-chipper.