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PA1 Foundation Unit for Spraying February 2020

Training 1 day plus 1 hr approximately for the assessment (at the end of your training day)

Training fee £100 +VAT = £120 per person.

Assessment plus City and Guilds registration fee £86 no VAT per person

Total £206 per person.

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The PA1 unit February 2020 for spraying pesticides is a mandatory unit in the spraying of pesticides.

Without this foundation unit you can not legally apply any pesticides as a professional user.

As a result if your planning to use pesticides as a professional. Basically if your being paid or making a living from those associated tasks, you must above all be fully qualified.

Furthermore as part of your responsibilities as a professional user you have a legal duty to follow:

  • the manufactures instructions
  • use the products safety,
  • ensuring that you protect not only yourself but others around you and the environment.

Finally once you have achieved the PA1 unit you can progress onto other units known as application units.

These are specific to the way you will be applying the product, hence getting the right unit, units such as knapsack, boom sprayer, weedwiper or even more options.

Consequently the unit covers the following:

  • your legal responsibilities;
  • risks with pesticides;
  • storing of pesticides;
  • handling of pesticides;
  • mixing chemicals;
  • calibration of pesticides;
  • using and cleaning equipment;
  • disposing of chemical waste safely and legally;
  • safe working practices and industry best practice;
  • emergency actions;
  • health monitoring;
  • record keeping.