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PA6inj Stem Injection May 2019 

Training half day plus a couple of hours for the assessment (on a separate day)

Training fee £100 +VAT = £120 per person.

Assessment plus City and Guilds registration fee £120 no VAT per person

Total £240 per person.

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The PA6inj Stem Injection unit for the safe use of pesticides follows on as an optional unit after the PA1 foundation unit.

This course qualifies you to use stem injection equipment in the control of hollow stemmed plants.
In recent years there seems to have been a considerable increase in the amount of giant hogweed, Japanese knotweed and other hollow stemmed plants. Injecting concentrate pesticide in the correct dosage directly into the stem has a higher success rate than overall or spot spraying and has far quicker results in terms of control.
It is an ideal way of treating plants near to water courses due to the low risk of drift and off target contamination.
Stem injection is a simple and relatively safe process that can be carried out in small and large areas in a variety of situations such as railway embankments, golf courses, parks and many other areas to treat troublesome invasive weeds.

As a result the unit covers the following areas:

  • understand the legislation and safety regulations relating to a stem injection application
  • assess the environment factors relating to the injection site
  • read and interpret product information.
  • prepare and calibrate the injection equipment.
  • operate the pesticide injection equipment.
  • carry out post application procedures.