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PA6pp Ecoplugs May 2019 

Training half day plus a couple of hours for the assessment (on a separate day)

Training fee £100 +VAT = £120 per person.

Assessment plus City and Guilds registration fee £120 no VAT per person

Total £240 per person.

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The PA6pp Ecoplugs unit for the safe use of pesticides follows on as an optional unit after the PA1 foundation unit.

This course qualifies you to use Pesticide Plugs (PP) / Ecoplugs which are a safe product used to kill tree stumps and prevent regrowth.
Stumps and roots store energy hence so they can sprout new shoots once cut, which results in bushy re-growth in a matter of months in some species.
You can use Ecoplugs all year round to kill many species of trees.
Also a safe process that you can be carry out in small or large areas and in a variety of situations such as railway embankments, golf courses, parks.

As a result the unit covers the following areas:

  • understand the legislation and safety regulations relating to pesticide plug / Ecoplug installation.
  • assess the environment factors relating to the installation site.
  • read and interpret product information.
  • prepare pesticide plug / Ecoplug application equipment and calculate the number of Ecoplugs required.
  • install pesticide plugs.
  • carry out post application procedures.