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Safe use of Rat and Mice Poison October 2020

Training 1 day plus a couple of hours on a second day for the assessment

Training fee £110 +VAT = £132 per person.

Assessment plus City and Guilds registration fee £120 no VAT per person

Total £252 per person.

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First of all the law has changed for those who use rodenticides (rat poisons) as a professional user. Furthermore it requires you to have a certificate to buy and apply poison as a method of control for your rat and mice problems.
Unfortunately its seems there has been too much miss use in the past which has resulted in many non target species such as barn owls, small mammals and pets being poisoned.

As a result a code of practice has been developed to:

  • improve industry best practice
  • ensure we do better in the protection of non target species
  • work on procedures to reduce resistance in rats and mice

In conclusion after reading through the code of practice we will have a much clearer understanding of the products we are using.


However, due to this code of practice you must:

  • have considered alternative methods of control before using first and second generation anticoagulants,
  • understand the half life of secondary poisoning in non target species
  • keep non target species protected and treatments are in designated areas
  • apply an integrated pest control approach e.g. trapping, habitat changes, shooting
  • not permanently bait as a method of control
  • in addition try not to go straight for the poison tub!


Therefore in the Safe Use of Rat and Mice Poison October 2020 course you will cover the following areas:

  • laws relating to the safe use of poisons
  • knowledge and understanding of a product label
  • understand how to minimise the risk of human contamination and implement emergency procedures
  • know how to store and transport poisons safely
  • know how to manage and dispose of surplus poisons and waste products
  • record keeping requirements
  • understand how to minimise the risk of environmental contamination
  • assessed the environmental factors on a specific site
  • characteristics of rats and mice and their impact
  • completed a site survey
  • as a result of the above, complete a practical task
  • and finally carry out post application procedures