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You passed your City and Guilds assessment

Safe Use of Brushcutter and Trimmer (integrated assessment)

Well done!

Andrew completed all the required tasks to a good standard, demonstrating good understanding and knowledge of health, safety, roles and responsibilities in the workplace.

He carried out maintenance and pre use checks on both machines and demonstrated both scything and swatting techniques safely and with consideration to the environment and other people on site. A very good safe approach to the tasks, working in a methodical way.

 Andrew carrying out maintenance on the brushcutter, to include spark plugs, filters, guards

 Andrew demonstrating how to de-tension and re-tension the pull cord on the brushcutter/trimmer. Identifying the wear points and how to check for over tension of the pull cord


 Andrew preparing the brushcutter for use, setting up his harness and finding which point is most comfortable on the harness attachment setting

 Andrew demonstrating safe use of both brushcutter (with shredder head) and trimmer with nylon cord head.

If you’d like more information about our integrated brushcutter and trimmer course the course page has full details along with a list of up coming dates. Feel free to give us a call to discuss any queries you may have 01729825132 or email