Party Popper on Apple iOS 11.3     Congratulations Richard Gardner     Party Popper on Apple iOS 11.3

You passed your safe use of pesticides assessments

PA1 foundation unit

PA6a handheld applicator (knapsacks)

PA2a boom sprayer

Well done!

Congratulations Richard a great result passing all three unit with flying colours.

 Richard cleaning the nozzles on the boom sprayer with his well marked up, trusty toothbrush

 Calibrating the nozzle output, spraying into a jug for a minute

 Once calibrations and the maths have been worked out, an accurate application is needed with the boom sprayer PA2a

 Same principles too for the handheld applicator (knapsacks) PA6a

If you’d like details about the safe use of pesticides courses we offer, click the link to the pesticides page for full unit details and dates of next availability. Feel free to give us a call to discuss any queries you may have 01729825132 or email