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2021 Aerial Tree Rigging training course CS41

Aerial Tree Rigging (formally CS41) – Dates

Aerial Tree Rigging (CS41)

As an arborist, you have been working hard. Making time to do training and courses. To work your way up and through the different qualifications needed. Consequently, you have now reached one of the last courses available to you when working from ropes and a harness.

Rigging and dismantling trees is an art form and are not suited to everyone. It takes time and dedication to understand the principles involved. A good arborist makes it look extremely easy to dismantle a tree in an organised, safe and tidy manner.

With lots of houses having gardens the size of postage stamps and filled with:

  • conservatory
  • garages
  • greenhouses
  • sheds

there are now very few gardens large enough to take a straight fell. The only way to deal with the tree is to carefully dismantle it within its own footprint.

Furthermore, by attending the aerial tree rigging course you will once qualified be able to:

  • select the right equipment for the type of tree
  • have a good understanding of loads and fall ratios
  • comply with your insurance company
  • above all stay safe in a potentially dangerous situation

Our 3-day aerial tree rigging course is the perfect chance to work on your rigging techniques. To show your skills and ability in dismantling a tree safely and professionally. 

You will be learning about:
  • the risks of working trees to be dismantled
  • the limitations of rigging and other alternatives
  • importance of good communication with ground staff
  • selecting suitable anchors points
  • calculating the anticipated loads
  • minimising shock loading
  • Tip tie, Butt tie, Cradle ties
  • biosecurity measures 

Evaluation of current rigging and dismantling practices used in arboriculture Research Report RR668 is a document which you should have read before attending the course. Not only will it help you with:

  • your assessment
  • but to understand the British Standards (BS) for working on trees.

For more details check out the Aerial Tree Rigging course page.

The event is finished.


12 - 14 Apr 2021




North Yorkshire
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