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Ash Dieback signs and symptoms training course

Ash Dieback Risk Assessment, Work Planning and Methodology

Ash Dieback Risk Assessment, Work Planning and Methodology 

This one-day session for those of you who are actively felling Ash trees which almost certainly may or not be showing signs of Ash dieback.

Ash dieback is not only a very topically subject that is going to have a serious implication on the population of Ash trees across the country, but furthermore one of extreme importance to the safety of people in the vicinity of Ash trees.

As a result, we as operators of chainsaws, forestry equipment and other related equipment need to ensure we are doing all we can to not only keep ourselves safe but even more those around us.

Consequently, landowners who have Ash trees on their land have a responsibility for the safety of others.

For that reason, landowners have to put procedures in place to demonstrate they have inspected and noted signs of decay, damage or poor health and concerns are acted upon promptly.

Due to this, we at Lowe Maintenance are offering a one-day course, proving an in-depth presentation and discussion. With the opportunity at the end of the day to walk around some ash trees discussing site-specific risks of tree pruning, felling considerations and equipment.

Please note there is no practical element to this course, so don’t come with ready with your chainsaw!

You will be learning about:
  • Ash dieback and its history
  • Tree physiology and structure refresher
  • What we know about ash now, also what we need to know in future work operations
  • Impact on pruning and tree removal operations
  • Woodland, highway, public space and garden work methodology discussions
  • Enhanced Risk Assessment and Method Statements
  • Felling equipment available for use and in contrast what we should not be using 
  • Recommendation and discussion of assisted felling operations
  • Demonstration of felling aids and safe use discussions
  • Finally, a roundup of current advice and where to find further information/keep updated from national land management and safety organisations

You will also get to see and ask about:

  • mechanical wedges
  • tree jacks
  • plasma ropes

before you think about buying them and find you may not like them. A fantastic chance to have a look before you buy!

We also have lots of examples of codit ash dieback samples from the bottom to the top of trees for you to have a look at first hand.

For more details check out the Ash Dieback course page

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07 May 2021




North Yorkshire
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