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Safe Use of Hand Held Hedge Cutters – Dates

Safe Use of Hand Held Hedge Cutters 

The time has come for you to get your handheld hedge cutter qualification, you could be:

  • new to the use of hand held hedge cutters
  • used them in the past
  • have the opportunity for a new contract or tender
  • need evidence of a certificate to show competence
  • an awesome volunteer who wants to help out more on your site

There are many reasons why you have found your way here, and we understand you may have lots of questions. Or you know exactly what you are looking for. No matter where you are coming from, the place to start with using hand held hedge cutters is here. 

Not only is this a great starting place for those who have not used or had the experience of using a hand held hedge cutters. As some folk tend to forget that we all have to start somewhere. It is perfect for those experienced users too. As in everything, there is always the potential to learn something new if you are open to the experience.

For those who have been working within the land based sector such as a:

  • conservation worker
  • volunteer for a local group
  • budding arborist
  • landscaper
  • utility worker e.g. rail, highways

Our 1-day handheld hedge cutter course allows you plenty of time to learn to maintain and carry out the cutting.

You will be learning about:
  • hand held hedge cutter maintenance
  • how to sharpen blades
  • the risks involved in using hedge cutters and how to stay safe
  • carry out pre-use checks
  • identification of hedge types
  • when to prune different species of hedging plants
  • the PPE to be work
  • importance of biosecurity
  • industry best practice 
  • what you need to do in an emergency
  • how health and safety legislation will affect you 

Also, a huge bonus for you is that you can borrow a range of our hedge cutters at no extra cost, they are FREE to hire – how amazing is that!

For more details check out the Hand Held Hedge Cutters course page.

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09 Sep 2022




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