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Safe use of sheep dip and Gold Fleece OP dip in Settle Lowe Maintenance

Safe Use of Sheep Dip – Dates

Safe Use of Sheep Dip

Have you:

  • tried to purchase an OP Dip such as Gold Fleece
  • discovered you cannot buy sheep dip
  • now realised that you need to complete the Safe Use of Sheep Dip Certificate of Competence to legally purchase your sheep dip.

The dipping of sheep with products such as Gold Fleece tends to come in cycles. You may have had good control of ectoparasites up to date through pour or injectables. However, something may have tipped the balance and as such you now must dip your flock.

OP dips are an effective treatment against a wide range of ectoparasites, however, they are also a dangerous product, as such operator safety is paramount throughout, and complacency should be eliminated at every stage of the dipping process.

Our Sheep Dip course is a blended online e-learning package, taught through fabulous videos and a detailed workbook.

However, do not worry we will talk you through everything you need to do. It is a simple and straightforward way to carry out your PA1 course.

It saves you:

  • travelling time
  • fuel costs
  • an early start if you are not local to the area

Remember, this is a self-taught course, once you have booked you will get an email containing a link to your candidate portal. On the portal, you can view and listen to all the videos and course materials in bite-sized chunks on your own schedule. We will post the workbook, label and additional documentation to you, so you can work through the pack alongside the videos.

All the training is done from the comfort of your own home or workplace – how amazing is that!

You will have from your purchase point to the assessment date booked to complete the learning materials, to ensure you are ready to take the online exam and practical assessment.

Please note that the exam must be completed face to face and this will be in Settle, North Yorkshire. Full details will be provided in the portal and course joining instructions once purchased.

For more details check out the Safe Use of Sheep Dip course page.

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04 Jul 2022




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