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Branch walking during the tree climbing and aerial rescue course CS38 training course in North Yorkshire. Perfect for arborists and utility workers

Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue (CS38) – Dates

Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue Course (formerly CS38)

Whether you are looking to get started in the world of tree climbing and aerial rescue or you have been in the industry for years and years. There is always something new to learn that will help you get to where you want to be.

For those who have been working on the ground and are now looking to reach the dazzling heights within the tree canopies. This tree climbing and aerial rescue courses are one of the first steps you need to take whether that be as:

  • a budding arborist
  • a career changer
  • or landscaper
Our five-day tree climbing and aerial rescue course allow you plenty of time to learn to trust the climbing system. Along with carrying out all that you need for the assessment process on the 6th day.


You will be learning about:
  • the risks of tree climbing such as hazards you may come across on work sites
  • what you need to do in an emergency
  • how health and safety legislation will affect you, specifically in respect of the two-rope climbing system
  • identify an occupied tree, signs of activity of birds, bats, squirrels, wasps!
  • ascending the tree with and without mechanical aids
  • moving around the tree and branch walking
  • descending safely (not at high speed!)
  • various methods of aerial rescue to include pole rescue. All rescues are carried out with training dummies

You will also get to try out different climbing systems such as:

  • hitch climbers
  • spider jacks

before you think about buying them and find you do not like them. A fantastic chance to try before you buy!

Also, a huge bonus for you is that you can borrow one of our climbing kits at no extra charge – FREE to hire, you just need to bring your arborists climbing helmet.
Because we firmly believe how do you know what to buy or what you like. As you’ve not done the course yet!

For more details check out the Tree Climbing and Rescue course page

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04 - 08 Jul 2022




North Yorkshire
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