Foresty Training Fund

The fund is aimed at either new entrants for forestry and woodland management or people who can increase their existing forestry and woodland management skills and knowledge

Forestry and Arboricultural Training Fund

with Defra and The Forestry Commission

Keep yours eyes peeled, looks like there could be some more funding popping up!

The Forestry and Arboricultural Training Fund (FTF) is for people considering a change of career or those who are looking to build, develop and expand skills within the forestry industry. 

The Forestry and Arboricultural Training Fund is part of the Nature for Climate Fund, part of which will kick-start a step-change in tree planting in England. With the aim of increasing and protecting biodiversity by providing habitat connectivity, as well as capturing carbon as part of the pathway to net zero emissions by 2050. Over £700,000 has been allocated by Defra and the Forestry Commission. 

The fund will cover training costs for short practical forestry courses, and the government is offering 100% funding for eligible courses and expect grants to be in the range of £150 – £3,000. Funding is paid directly to us the training provider. 

Dates from June 2024 – March 2025 are on offer through the funding. 

You must have approval from the EMB (the funding body) you cannot just book onto the courses and say you want funding after the fact. The terms within all the links on this page are clear.

We don't have the money. It is only paid to us after you have received Grant Approval and attended the course.

If you pay for the courses before approval has been granted, you are not eligible for the funding and no refunds will be issued.

Please read the details carefully below and apply directly to the EMB within the red buttons.

If the terms are not read and adhered to, we will remove ourselves from the training provider list.

Although there is a fantastic list of courses available, remember there are only so many days in a week and it’s just Phill and I carrying out the training. 

With this in mind, we can only offer what is already on our calendar, and some courses are already fully booked. We haven’t the capacity, trees, staff, and assessors to offer anything in addition this time round. 

So, here is a list of what we can offer:

The above two are a combined week with us, however, you will need to apply for both units to ensure a place with us, we can’t offer them as single units, we don’t have the availability. 

Limited availability so be quick on these units above. 

We have far more scope for the units below and could offer extra dates. 
Handheld applicators PA6 units and if you require more than one unit, put in the total cost for all the required units under the one title on the FC application form. Otherwise, you’ll only get one unit. 

Please put down the next available date e.g. August / September / October 2024 as places will be issued on a first come first served basis. Do not pin your hopes on a set date as it’s unlikely we will be able to offer you a specific date. 

As soon as we get the approvals from the FATF, an email with a code to book via our website will be issued to you. Do not pay for the courses in advance, as all fees will be forfeited and funding lost. 

We appreciate that this may not be what you are looking for, however, think about it a little differently. Why not gain some qualifications that:

  • aren’t as popular
  • you hadn’t considered before
  • may open new doors to work and contracts 
  • are more niche 

In order to apply for your chosen course(s) you need the following information:

  • Course title(s)
  • Training provider name – Lowe Maintenance
  • Course date (see our calendar, or book now page for live availability) or contact Demelza
  • The total cost of the courses (ours include VAT)
  • National Insurance Number

You then need to click the red button ‘APPLY NOW’ and complete the form. 

Once you have approval from ELB through your Grant Offer letter, you must do the following to book your place on your chosen course:

  1. Email to ask for your code to add to the checkout so you don’t pay on booking.
  2. Add the course(s) to the basket and proceed to the checkout
  3. Complete all the boxes as requested
  4. Add your personal details in the candidate section.
  5. Put your Grant Reference number into the notes section.
  6. Put the coupon code issued by Lowe Maintenance where requested and submit your order.
  7. We will then send you an email acknowledging your order and confirming whether we have accepted your order.
As with all funding, there are a number of things that you MUST do to ensure things run as smoothly as possible. 

After you have placed the booking, you will need to:

  • complete tasks asked in follow-up emails
    • activate the candidate portal
    • fill out the registration form
    • send photos as requested
  • email through:
    • a copy of your Grant Offer letter 
    • copies of any pre-requisite certificates of competence 

This is a fabulous opportunity, 100% fully funded courses are almost as rare as rocking horse pooh!

When choosing us as your training provider for this amazing opportunity you need to agree to our terms to proceed. Here are the details.

The biggest thing you need to be aware of is that if you cancel the course(s) more than 5 working days in advance of the course(s) you will be liable for the full cost, as we will have paid registration fees, organised trainers and assessors who still need to be paid. 

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the funding website, it is moving incredibly quickly and the funding is limited!

Some courses of possible interest to you



As per our terms of booking you would be liable for all costs

As long as you can demonstrate progression and career development, you can apply as many times as you wish. But demand is extremely high so apply quickly. 

Yes, they are available for arboriculture too. 

It is only those courses that are on the Approved training courses list.

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