Skid Steer Tracked or Wheeled

Our Argo cat courses are ideal for gamekeepers, farmers, forestry, utility, and conservation workers.

Argo Cat – Skid Steer

The time has come for you to get your Argo cat, skid steer training, you could be:

  • new to driving Argo cat, skid steers
  • used them in the past
  • have the opportunity for a new contract or tender
  • need evidence of a certificate to show competence

There are many reasons why you have found your way here and we understand you may have lots of questions. Or you know exactly what you are looking for.

No matter where you are coming from the place to start when driving Argo cat, skid steers are here.

Not only is this a great starting place for those who have not used or had the experience of driving Argo cat, skid steers. As folk tend to forget that we all have to start somewhere. It is perfect for those experienced users too. As in everything, there is always the potential to learn something new if you are open to the experience.

For those who have been working within the land based sector such as a:
  • gamekeeper
  • conservation worker
  • farmer
  • forester
  • utility worker e.g. rail, highways

Our Argo cat, skid steer course allows you plenty of time to learn to carry out pre-use checks and drive the Argo cat, skid steer safely. 

On this Argo cat course you will be learning about:

  • Argo cat, skid steer maintenance
  • identifying all the controls on the Argo cat, skid steer
  • pre-use checks for Argo cat, skid steer
  • the risks involved in driving Argo cat, skid steer and how to stay safe
  • driving on various terrain
  • body positioning and centre of gravity 
  • importance of biosecurity
  • industry best practice 
  • what you need to do in an emergency
  • how health and safety legislation will affect you

You will have to bring your own PPE as it is not good practice to share sweaty helmets. But don’t worry we provide a thorough list of exactly what you need to bring with you so no hiccups on the day. 

The place to start. . . 

Many of you are already actively using driving Argo cat, skid steers. However, you may have discovered that as a professional operator you need a certificate of completion. To enable you to carry on doing so.

Although we train the Argo cat, skid steer, on one particular model. This does not restrict you in the future. You will be able to drive an Argo cat, skid steer of any make and model. Consequently, you will probably need a little guidance from another trained operator for specific machines though and any specific quirks they may have. 

You may have been asked by:
  • your farm assurance body
  • your employer
  • or a new contract opportunity to demonstrate competence through certification
  • or your insurance company

You could be new to the job or have been doing it for over 40 years and things have changed. If so and you are faced with having to gain your Argo cat, skid steer training have you been:

  • struggling to find the right fit in terms of a training provider?
  • confused by all the names, numbers and acronyms for the land based courses that are available to you?
  • worried you will get it wrong or waste your hard-earned money?
  • concerned that it will feel like going back to school?
  • looking to gain a qualification to continue with jobs because legislation has changed?
  • offered a new and exciting contract, but need another ticket/qualification to seal the deal?
Then we can help you!

No matter which sector you are coming from, and the level of experience. We can work with you to understand your training needs. To tailor a programme and provide courses that will be suitable for you.

Providing award-winning training through tailored, flexible, friendly, approachable trainers and assessors.

All courses are run in small groups. To ensure you have as much time as needed to learn and experience the requirements for the assessments. If you chose to take them. Trainers and assessors are experienced, friendly, and approachable.

Finally, as with all Lowe Maintenance courses, you get support and advice via email or on the phone. If you need it in the future. Just because you’ve completed the course doesn’t mean you can’t get in touch if you need more information or guidance.

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Under PUWER regulations anyone using machinery within their work must have received adequate training whether it be formal or informal and must meet the requirements of their insurance company.

As part of the course you will be expected to drive:

  • up,
  • down
  • and along slopes

General pre-use checks to ensure suitability to drive, such as fuel, oil, water, electrics, tyres, air filter etc.

Anything above and beyond would be carried out when you send the machines for servicing.

ATV’s are sometimes seen as a bit of fun and not fully respected, at the end of the day it is a machine designed to do a job and if mis-used the consequences can be fatal. Fatalities are becoming more frequent due to people not understanding the machine and its capabilities.

Under Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 you are required to wear appropriate PPE in the workplace. A helmet therefore should be worn.

Common sense would hopefully kick in, these machines are not toys and as such you should ensure you are wearing a helmet at all times. Also, if you are able to take passengers they too should be wearing a helmet.

If you are driving on the road, then yes you will need a driving licence.


No, you will learn during the course what is needed and what is expected of you under Health and Safety and PUWER legislation.

When driving an Argo cat, skid steer:

  • helmet
  • safety glasses (if applicable)
  • ear defenders (if applicable)
  • non-snag clothing, ideally coveralls
  • gloves
  • safety footwear

No, it is dependent on which machine you will be driving.

  • ATV sit astride
  • ATV sit in
  • Argo cat 

Are all different qualifications. 

Legally you must be over 13 years old.

However, manufacturers may state that you have to be 16 years old if this is the case that is the age that someone must be to drive that particular model.

Yes, if the machine is in safe working order and you have the terrain to enable the course to be completed on. Please get in touch to discuss the suitability of your machine and site.

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