Sheep Dip course

Organophosphates or more commonly OP dips are used to treat sheep scab, lice, ticks, keds and blow fly. As a sheep farmer or mobile dipper, you need a certificate of competence to purchase and use sheep dip.

Safe Use of Sheep Dip

Welcome to our sheep dip course page, where you will find everything you need to know on how you can become a qualified sheep dip operator.

Our sheep dip course is a one-day blended e-learning, online course. Self-taught through fabulous videos and a detailed workbook.

You then attend in Settle for your assessments

  • Multiple choice exam
  • A face-to-face practical assessment

To achieve your sheep dip certificate of competence you must pass both parts of the assessment process.

So if you are a sheep farmer, or contractor and looking for a reliable dip operator our sheep dip course for treating

  • Sheep Scab
  • Ticks
  • Lice
  • Keds
  • Blow Fly

Provides you with everything you need for the two-part assessment process, you do need to pass the computor, multiple choice exam to continue onto the practical face-to-face assessment. 

Our sheep dip course has now gone online through a blended learning approach. But do not worry we will talk you through everything you need to do. It is a simple and straightforward way to carry out your sheep dip training. 
It saves you:
  • travelling time
  • fuel costs
  • an early start if you are not local to the area
  • the worry of being in a group situation 
  • the concern of trying to keep up with others in the group

This is a self-taught qualification, once you have booked you will get an email containing a link to your candidate portal. On the portal, you can view and listen to all the course materials in bite-sized chunks on your own schedule. We will post the workbooks and related documentation to you, so you can work through the pack alongside the videos.

All the training is done from the comfort of your own home or workplace – how amazing is that!

You will have from your purchase point to the booked assessment date to complete the learning materials, to ensure you are ready to take the exam and practical assessment.

Please note that the exam and assessment will be completed face to face and this will be in Settle, North Yorkshire. You complete the exam on the same day as the practical assessment, although you must pass the exam to continue on the practical assessment. 

The dipping of sheep with products such as Gold Fleece tends to come in cycles. You may have had good control of ectoparasites up to date through pour on’s or injectables. However, something may have tipped the balance and as such you now must dip your flock.

As such you may have:

  • Tried to purchase an OP Dip such as Gold Fleece
  • Discovered you cannot buy sheep dip
  • Now realised that you need to complete the Safe Use of Sheep Dip Certificate of Competence to legally purchase your sheep dip.

OP dips are an effective treatment against a wide range of ectoparasites, however, they are also a dangerous product, as such operator safety is paramount throughout, and complacency should be eliminated at every stage of the dipping process.

We understand that no one wants to be told that they must do something! Especially when they may have been doing it for years alongside a family member or staff who has the certificate. Yet we are positive that you can appreciate how dangerous sheep dip is, not only for you but the environment too.

Without this the safe use of sheep dip certificate of competence, you can not legally apply OP sheep dip as a professional user.

As a result, the safe use of sheep dip training is not just about you being able to purchase the products. It is about the safe application of the sheep dip product. To protect not only you but the environment in which you work.

Many of you are possibly already actively using OP dip as part of your ectoparasite control. However, you may have discovered that as a professional operator you need a certificate of competence. To enable you to carry on doing so.

You may have been asked by:
  • your farm assurance body
  • your employer
  • or a new contract opportunity to demonstrate competence through certification

You could be new to the job or have been doing it for years and things have changed. If so and you are faced with having to gain your sheep dipping qualification have you been:

  • struggling to find the right fit in terms of a training provider?
  • concerned you don’t have the time to do a sit-down face-to-face course?
  • worried you will get it wrong or waste your hard-earned money?
  • concerned that it will feel like going back to school?
  • looking to gain a qualification to continue with jobs because legislation has changed?
  • offered a new and exciting contract, but need another ticket/qualification to seal the deal?
Then we can help you!

No matter which sector you are coming from, and your level of experience. We can work with you to understand your training needs. To tailor a programme and provide courses that will be suitable for you.

Providing award-winning training through tailored, flexible, friendly, approachable trainers and assessors.

Finally, as with all Lowe Maintenance courses, you get support and advice via email or on the phone, f you need it in the future. Just because you’ve completed the course doesn’t mean you can’t get in touch if you need more information or guidance.

City and Guilds accreditation

Is the certificate you will gain on successful completion of your safe use of sheep dip assessment. 

A  one-day self-taught course, with the multiple choice exam and face-to-face assessments held in Settle.

Assessments are held on a one-to-one basis, by an independent City and Guilds assessor. 

On our sheep dipping course, you will be learning about:

  • your legal responsibilities such as reading the manufacturer’s instructions
  • risks with storing, handling, mixing and calibrating sheep dip
  • the range of ectoparasites and other treatments available
  • disposing of chemical waste safely and legally
  •  safe working practices and industry best practices
  • emergency actions
  • health monitoring and record-keeping
  • and much more. . . 

Although, you will have to bring your own PPE as you are going to need it once qualified. But don’t worry we provide a thorough list of exactly what you need to bring with you so no hiccups on the day. 

Candidate portal

On booking your course you will be given access to the candidate portal, where you will find lots of leaflets and documentation to read through. There are videos we need you to watch along with the workbook pack sent in the post to work through, to help embed your learning in preparation for your assessment.

This preparation for your assessment will take at least 8 hours to complete, do not leave it to the last minute. Remember you need to have completed all the tasks before attending your assessment. The onus is on you to be ready, it works perfectly, as long as you’ve done everything we ask you to 😊


The safe use of sheep dip course is all self-taught, you will attend in Settle for the multiple choice exam and face-to-face assessments, with an independent City and Guilds assessor. 

After you have completed your assessments, access to the video content is removed. 

We may be stating the obvious and it is sad that we have to be saying this as it appears it is not common practice. 

When attending an assessment, you must follow any instructions that are given, for the safety of all involved. 

For further details please see our terms and conditions for courses.

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OP dip is a dangerous product for you and the environment, as such you need to demonstrate safe use.

Clinical signs of sheep scab include severe itching, restlessness, wool loss, skin lesions, thickened skin and weight loss.

Sheep scab is caused by mites, that live in the fleece and cause intense itching. The mites are highly contagious and spread very easily. 

Sheep dipping is the only way to guarantee complete coverage when treating sheep scab. Injectables due to possible misuse are creating some resistance issues. 

Yes. To buy the OP dip product, you need a certificate of competency, which is exactly what we supply through our online courses.

There is no such thing as grandfather rights to use sheep dip. You must have a certificate of competence in the safe use of sheep dip.

Sheep scab can be identified by rubbing and scratching against fence posts, nibbling of fleeces, and areas of fleece from scratching and fleece loss. Affected sheep can become dull and depressed, separating from the rest of the flock.

No, sheep scab only affects sheep, humans are unaffected by the disease.

No. Dipping targets external parasites only, meaning it gets only what it needs to – scab, ticks, lice blowfly and keds.

Typically, dipping takes place from August to October, before the tupping season. However, due to the scale of the sheep scab problem, don’t be surprised to see dipping occurring all year round in recent years. 

As long as you have the certificate of competence in the safe use of sheep dip then yes. 

You learn everything that you need to on the course, the candidate portal is full of information, take the time to read it!

It is illegal to move sheep visibly affected by sheep scab, unless they are being taken to be treated, or for immediate slaughter.

Yes. Sheep scab is currently endemic in the UK and a notifiable disease in Scotland, and it is an offence to not treat visibly affected sheep.

Sheep should be dipped at least once per year, where necessary. 

Yes, you will not be able to purchase legally without your sheep dip qualification. 

In order to purchase sheep dip you must have a certificate of competence.

Sheep scab is highly contagious and spread through mites. It can also be transmitted through the clothing, strands of wool and equipment of sheep handlers.

An individual sheep should be dipped for one minute, and the head dipped a minimum of once to ensure the ears are treated. 

No! OP dip is only licenced for use when plunge dipping. It is illegal to use OP dip through showers and jetters. 

Besides, it will not work effectively, you could be building up resistance in the mites and it will not do your own health any good to be inhaling droplets of dip. 
Not to mention the fines you could receive. 

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