LOLER Inspections

LOLER stands for Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998, these regulations have been in place within arboriculture and other industries since December 1998.

The regulations apply to all equipment and procedures involved in lifting or lowering loads (including people) at any height above ground level. This includes almost all arboricultural climbing and rigging equipment and procedures.

The regulations apply both to employers and to the self-employed, as well as to anyone else in control of lifting equipment or lifting operations.

 The aims of LOLER 1998 are to ensure that:

  • Lifting operations are properly planned.
  • Lifting equipment is used in a safe manner.
  • Lifting equipment is thoroughly examined at suitable intervals by a competent person.

For more information on the requirements relating to planning, management, training and more detailed advice see the links to HSE’s LOLER Aboricultural Information Sheet 30 and the Safe Use of Lifting Equipment L113 HSE

Initial Inspection Service

Will include full inspection of equipment and production of LOLER record log with; description of equipment, identity number, staff member allocation, name of inspector and next inspection date.
Any equipment with no ID markings will be marked up as required with your own personal identification.

Climbing Kit
To typically include 1 climbing rope, 1 climbing harness, 3 prussic loops and up to 5 karabiners, wire core flip line (up to 14 items)

Lowering equipment
To typically include lowering ropes, pulleys, capstans, webbings, shackles and connectors.

Equipment will already be marked and listed as appropriate.

The updated equipment record logs will be provided accordingly to indicate those items needing attention and the next inspection date.

For Further Health & Safety Executive guidance visit the HSE website

Initial LOLER Inspection

£65 +VAT per kit.

This includes the setting up of the documentation.

Re-Inspection LOLER 

£45 +VAT per kit.


We can PDF your documents for you. Apart from the front sheet.

If this is completed at the same time as the original inspection the additional fee is £15 +VAT.

If carried out at a later date it is an additional fee of £25 +VAT.

Please note that any tampering or alterations of the documents moving of unique identifications on equipment will immediately void the inspection.

Please note:

1) If your inspection lapses you will be charged the initial inspection fee again.

2) If you have more pieces of equipment than in a typical kit you will be charged extra dependent on the amount of extra pieces (this could well be the equivalent to extra full kits).

3) All payments are due on collection of the kits, you will not receive your LOLER documentation until payment has cleared.

4) If payments are not received (after 21 days with incurred charges) your LOLER inspection will be terminated and we may inform the HSE.

For more details about LOLER Inspections, please get in touch directly with Demelza.

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