The way of the ‘Ye Old Bald One’

Way of the ‘Ye Old Bald One’.

In a world of qualifications, certificates and tickets culture, it is easy to get lost in the madness and expense associated with ensuring that self employed, employers and employees are working safely, within the law and budget restrictions.

So here at Lowe Maintenance we like to do things a little differently and with this in mind we have worked hard to provide services and products that fit into our ethos.

  • First things first we love what we do and strive to offer the best training
  • Through our passion and enthusiasm for our individual specialisms we enthuse others to do a better and more conscientious job within industry
  • We believe in not fitting into the predetermined box, there is a whole world of wonder if you step outside!
  • We are always trying to improve our training and services to ensure a positive experience
  • We offer a professional service at an affordable price that does not break the bank which still enables us to pay our bills too!

The way of the ‘Ye Old Bald One’ is about doing it the right way and never compromising what we believe in. Running a business in a candidate conscious manner is not the fastest route to financial success, however by doing it the best way we possibly can, we hope we can go some way towards making a worthwhile contribution to people who buy into our services and products.