2021 A Year in Review with Lowe Maintenance

2021 – a year in review

2021 - a year in review

In what has been another extraordinary year of ups and downs, we have been looking back at another eventful year for Lowe Maintenance.

In 2021 we took 393 orders through the new and updated website, not only courses though. Remember, Phill makes barbed wire covers, rope bags, chainsaw lanyards and para clothing to list a few. As Phill often states, “there isn’t much to watch on television”! From this, we have welcomed 457 candidates on 132 courses and posted 490 certificates!
Of these 457 candidates, an amazing 267 were new to us at Lowe Maintenance, almost all were via word of mouth recommendations, so thank you to everyone who recommends us to their network. Wonderfully, 100% of candidates would recommend us and this is clear to see with the new people we welcomed in 2021. 
Lots of candidates leave us amazing five-star reviews, in fact:

We have also had 26 video testimonies published, with many more to come!

Our pioneering candidate portal continues to go from strength to strength, and feedback remains overwhelmingly positive. Though we do appreciate technology certainly isn’t everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, candidates are seeing its huge potential and joining us in our digital journey.

We have even heard recently that a couple of colleagues from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust were singing its praises when they met up only a few weeks ago. Positive background natters and chatters are exactly what we were hoping for – fabulous!

Following on from this, we now have eight courses available on the portal with online learning. Four are fully online and candidates just attend for the assessment:

And four have a blended learning route:

This allows for greater flexibility, learning at your own pace and studying around your work calendar. 

The online courses are a real team effort and wouldn’t be possible without the lovely ladies reading our scripts with enthusiasm and character, and demonstrating the practical tasks. So our heartfelt thanks to go Sacha, Ellen and Jade. Not forgetting John and Ross too. 

Editing videos is no easy feat and so far for our eight courses, we have over 24hrs of editing. That is a lot of ‘Hellos’ and ‘Welcome backs’!


We made the Digital Enterprise Top100. A programme that celebrates innovation, digital transformation and resilience of businesses in Yorkshire. To be listed amongst 100 pioneering inspirational, digitally resilient businesses was fantastic. 

Our third award in three years with the Yorkshire Post Rural Awards 2021.  Rural Innovation was a new award category for the awards and we were absolutely thrilled to have triumphed over so many very worthwhile businesses. 

Live Q&As

Continuation of our well-viewed Wednesday evening live Q&As on Facebook, where we speak with industry professionals and show people what jobs, careers and hobbies you can have within the land based sector. Our four main themes consist of:

  • Arboriculture and forestry
  • Passion for Horticulture with Sarah Owen-Hughes
  • Farming Focus with John Bownass and 
  • Conservation

This highlights the many facets of land-based industry, that the range of careers is vast and that:

  • farmers don’t just shovel shit
  • arboriculture isn’t just felling trees
  • and horticulture is not just weeding!

Most weeks feature a special guest who has a passion for their job and speaks to us about what it involves and how they got there. Make sure to join us on our next live Q&A

More investment

Phill's landrover 2021

Phill has got a ‘newer’ landrover, no doubt you will have seen it out and about. A glorious green, with a white roof and sides, as the dragon obviously has to be clearly visible. The dragon does go everywhere with us, after all!

Lowe Maintenance 2021 A year in Review - new laptops for online exams

To keep things running as smoothly as possible we bought four new HP laptops specifically for online exams on the PA1 and sheep dip courses. This means candidates are able to sit exams all at the same time and not have to wait while their nerves take hold!

Lowe Maintenance 2021 A year in Review - pigsty now a toilet facility

For those that join Demelza and John on the pesticides and land based machinery courses, the old pigsty has been converted into a remote toilet facility. It’s mobile, so in lambing time, it can move from shed to shed, depending on how many spare lambs John has to feed! A space with lots of character and quirks. 

The wonderful Bimeda, keen to assist in industry best practices when it comes to sheep dipping, kindly donated a Closed Transfer System. 

They also provided packs of literature on best practices and safe use of sheep dip, which is a great bonus to those candidates looking to complete the Certificate of Competence in the Safe Use of Sheep Dip.

Sheep dip CTS for Gold Fleece

Environmental and sustainabilty journey

We are guilty of green hushing, are you?

This basically means we are doing many things which put the environment and sustainability at the forefront of our business, however, we aren’t telling anyone!

So, from now, environmental and sustainability is at the heart of our buying and purchasing. 

A definite happy moment of 2021 was finding an alternative disposable glove for candidates on courses and as part of the Covid19 packs. Originally, gloves were black and although of good quality, not only have they doubled in price over the last 18 months, but from an environmental view we wanted to find a biodegradable option. Not knowing whether it was possible or not, yet hopeful. 

They took some finding, but success was achieved. We found Showa – a biodegradable single-use nitrile glove. And in a fabulous green, how cool is that? It gets better…

Showa’s nitrile gloves have Eco Best Technology (EBT) and are engineered for accelerated biodegradation in landfills. On testing, these amazing gloves achieved 82.0% biodegradation in only 386 days.  Nitrile gloves without EBT achieved only 1.9% biodegradation over the same amount of time.  Like we said, ‘happy dance time’ and smiles all around at team Lowe. Lots more developments documented on our sustainability pages, coming soon.

More still to come!

To top it all off in 2021 we:

  • have sent a whopping 21,668 emails
  • created over 600 social media posts
  • wrote 18 blogs. 

Not to mention featuring in the press:

  • in print with the Yorkshire Post
  • and online 
LOLER Inspections, frequency, sheets and your responsibilities

We carried out 96 LOLER inspections of climbing and lowering kits, that’s thousands of pieces of kit inspected!

For details of how you can prepare for your LOLER inspection check out our very handy blog.

Or if you’d like to book your kit in, contact Demelza.

Ecologists tree climbing and rescue CS38 course

Not to mention, we started running the first tree climbing and aerial rescue (formerly CS38) specifically for ecologists. Which has proved extremely popular, with people attending from across the country.

A space to talk bats rather than chainsaws and other key hazards to consider that would be different to an arborist. 

Be part of the journey in 2022. Join us!

We have so much more planned for 2022. Want to know more or be part of the Lowe Maintenance adventures? Take the leap and complete your land based training with an award-winning company that cares about the individuals. 

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