Lowe Maintenance Need for Trees for training courses in felling and pruning trees for CS30-31, CS32, CS39, CS50

The need for trees

Are you a landowner, woodland manager, or work on behalf of a wildlife trust?

We’re on the lookout for trees for training courses and you may be able to help!

With a wealth of experience alongside an excellent reputation, we are a small but mighty team. Our fully qualified trainers specialise in land maintenance, forestry and chainsaw operations. We already partner with some great local businesses and farmers, however as our business expands we have a need for trees, especially of the Yorkshire variety.

We know many businesses have been hit hard by COVID-19 and may have had to cut budgets retrospectively. This is the perfect time to start looking for free, alternative work that supports local business and education.

What to expect

Quality is key when it comes to our training. We take great pride in our work and follow best industry practices by felling only the trees on-site as instructed by the landowners – leaving others to grow to the maximum potential. During operations, sites are also kept tidy with regular brash piling and logs where safe to do so, and we aim to be as unobtrusive as possible.

We never charge for our labour; and although this work is essential for woodland management, we give back to forest-related charities frequently. We support the industry and minimise our environmental impact with charitable endeavours. Our charitable work to-date has included work with becoming Arb Neutral, through working with the Rivers Ribble Trust and YDMT.

We’re looking for

You can find a brief list below, indicating the trees and areas required for our training:

  • Large areas of woodland (softwood or hardwood). We usually use between 25 and 50 trees per course, ran frequently throughout the year. Areas for thinning for shooting rides etc. are perfect
  • Our variety of courses require different-sized trees. These range from 8 -15” to 15-22” at DBH (Diameter at Breast Height)
  • Windblown areas including trees with 10-15 root plates of a good size for lifting. Ideally still active (i.e. less than 12 months old)
  • Overhanging branches on boundaries for pruning courses
  • During COVID-19 restrictions, we need parking for at least 5 vehicles

Don’t just take our word for it

Our list of fantastic partners include estates, smaller land / woodland owners and managers, farmers, local councils, golf courses and wildlife trusts. We frequently re-visit these trusted sites throughout the year and always receive positive feedback from our visits.


I am happy for Lowe Maintenance to work in our woodland because of the professional service you always provide, and the detailed knowledges you have of particular issues, especially Ash dieback. I would certainly recommend you to others as I have personal experience of several of the training courses you deliver, and have been very happy with the high standard of these.

Lowe are also extremely good at the communication and administration side of the business. It is an added benefit that Lowe are local to me, so I don’t have to travel far to get the training I need.

Graham Standring
Living Landscapes Officer – North Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Grasswood, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust >


I would be more than happy to work with Lowe Maintenance on any level as they are very professional. Communication with this is always clear and prompt.

I would be more than happy to recommend them to other people because I know they are professional, organised and give a very good service. I’ve used Lowe Maintenance for training courses on many occasions and they’ve also used my woodland sites for training. Moreover, when they use my sites there always clean, tidy and respectful of all areas concerned.

Ryan Myers
Head Forester at West Marton Estate Skipton


It’s been a great experience working with Lowe Maintenance over the past two years. I have gained such a lot of knowledge about the trees and woodland on my farm. Furthermore, Phill and Demelza have a vast wealth of knowledge and are always happy to give advice on the right course of action if I have a query.

I would thoroughly recommend Lowe Maintenance operating courses on peoples land. My woodland has benefited from various activities including lopping, thinning and topping, much of which I have little time unfortunately to do myself. The site is checked for suitability prior to entry and any access or safety issues are discussed in detail. I have found the candidates respectful and interested in the site they are working on. Finally, you can’t always guarantee the weather but at least there is often a useful supply of firewood to enjoy at the end of a course!

John Bownass
Local farmer

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Want to get in touch? Use our Contact us form to chat with Demelza, Phill and the team; who will be able to answer any questions and provide more information.

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