Why book onto a ROLO course

Why book onto ROLO – course content and benefits

ROLO course content and benefits

On a weekly basis, we are asked what is ROLO? What ROLO course content is covered in the training? And no, we don’t mean the chocolates, unfortunately.

ROLO stands for the Register of Landbased Operations. The qualifications are accredited by BALI, the awarding organisation (British Association of Landbased Industries)

The ROLO course is a health, safety and environmental awareness course designed for those within the land based sector. 

These sectors include:

  • Arboriculture
  • Amenity
  • Ecology and environmental management
  • Countryside management
  • Pesticides
  • Landscape construction and horticultural landscape maintenance

The ROLO course content covers the following areas:

  • key health, safety and environmental legislation
  • your roles and responsibilities under health and safety
  • the roles and responsibilities of your employer
  • risk assessment
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Construction Design Management (CDM)
  • safety on sites
  • health risks
  • first aid, fire and rescue
  • environmental awareness and issues
  • waste management

Why you need ROLO

The ROLO course is needed for anyone looking to apply for their CSCS smartcard, who are carrying out land based activities on sites.

It is a requirement that all trade bodies ensure their members are trained and that evidence can be provided to demonstrate staff are adequately trained in Health and Safety matters. 

The Department of Trade and Industry made it a ‘duty of care’ that employees are fully trained. 

You will be pleased to know that the ROLO CSCS/LISS card now lasts for five years, brought in line with smartcards, which makes it easier to keep a track of and not get forgotten about. 

ROLO levels

Originally there was only one ROLO course option. In 2021, managers and supervisors levels were introduced. As a result there are now three ROLO courses. 

ROLO Operatives is an introduction to health and safety, and is the minimum requirement to enable you to gain your CSCS card.

ROLO Supervisors and Managers have been developed to cater for health and safety knowledge at a higher and more in-depth level. Specifically for – you guessed it, supervisors and managers!

Here at Lowe Maintenance, we only provide the ROLO Operatives course content. The Supervisors and Managers course obviously takes more time and there just aren’t enough days in the week here at team Lowe, currently. This may change in the future though. 

Our ROLO course is now run online via a Zoom call. It makes for a fabulous, travel-free way to complete the one-day course. 

The ability to complete it online enables anyone in the country to join in the courses. Group sizes are kept small at six candidates, maximum. This enables:

  • everyone to be involved
  • questions to be asked comfortably
  • all tasks to be completed fully
  • no travelling or rush hour journeys
  • the comfort of your own home or workspace
  • you to meet people from other industries in the land based sector
  • networking with others in the group

It is proving a very positive way to complete the course, and for those who feel technology is not their strong point, they come away not only achieving the course but a wider skill set through completing it online. 

As seen on Trustpilot

Alistair Morriss
Alistair Morriss
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ROLO Operative Assessment

Excellent training course for ROLO Operative Assessment. Demelza was a great trainer: highly knowledgeable and engaging as a presenter with a sense of fun and humour. Made learning about what could have otherwise been a dry topic a pleasure. Highly recommended.
Andrew Bly
Andrew Bly
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Day course attended for ROLO Operatives

Very informative and Demelza (the course instructor) was incredibly informative and confident. No issues in recommending.
Maxwell Caulton
Maxwell Caulton
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Had a great experience with Lowe Maintenance doing the days training and testing for the ROLO course. Our instructor Demelza was very thorough and made it clear and easy to understand.
Elizabeth Walker
Elizabeth Walker
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Excellent course!

Very thorough, detailed - but not boring - training course, with clearly a very extensive background knowledge from Demelza the trainer based on years of experience. Useful and gave me insights into actions I need to take and further areas for training and knowledge acquisition, as well as enabling me to pass the ROLO operatives H&S test. Thanks!!
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Refreshingly interactive

This was a refreshingly interactive course and Demelza managed to add in humour as well as a lot of common sense and awareness.
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