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Here we have the Lowe Maintenance barbed wire cover, it is a wonderful piece of kit. Its simple no-faff design has two main functions:

  • Keeps you protected from the barbs on the wire
  • Stops you tearing / ripping your clothes

Handmade in our workshop from twin skin-tight weave polyester canvas with a Velcro fastening to keep them in place on the barb wire along with a red tail so you can spot them easily to limit leaving them behind by mistake.

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Product description

Our barbed wire cover is ideal for…

Keeping your clothes and body protected from barbed wire is much easier with our high quality handcrafted barbed wire cover. This handy cover designed to go over the section of fence you are working with, fully protecting you from any spikes.

Anyone working around barbed wire will find this cover invaluable. For example, when you need to gain access over a barbed wire fence for work purposes, such as hedge laying, surveying, tree climbing activities. Any contractor requiring safe access over a single strand of barbed wire, this item saves having to cut the wire and costly repairs of the fence. Previous customers are those who feed or water their horses or stock over the fence with buckets as it saves ripping coats or jackets. Along with gamekeepers and beaters. 

We all know that high-quality clothing suitable for practical outdoor use can be costly, so help the life-span of your clothing by taking preventative measures against potential damage.

Good to know

Phill creates all our products in our Yorkshire workshop, at the gateway to The Yorkshire Dales. We offer totally handcrafted items, which in turn supports our small business and your local community – win-win!

This item uses twin skin-tight weave polyester canvas for added protection. The Velcro fastening keeps the item in place on the barbed wire. The product also comes with a coloured tail so you can spot them easily. This, therefore, stops the user from leaving them behind by mistake.

What’s more, we use every single piece of the equipment from our shop in our own wardrobe and frequently use pieces during our courses – so everything really has been tried and tested!

Barbed wire covers: the details

The barded wire covers are available in two sizes, rough measurements are:

  • 59cm long (or 23”) coloured tail is 40.5cm (or 16”)
  • 100cm long (39″) coloured tail is 40.5cm (or 16”)

Cleaning instructions: regularly wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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59cm long, 100cm long


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