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Prevent dropping your chainsaw with our lightweight polyester elasticated chainsaw lanyard. Designed with user in mind, the tool is vital for arborists and tree surgeons alike. Attach it to your harness or chainsaw with ease using the stainless steel O ring.

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Product description

Our Chainsaw Lanyard is ideal for…

Arborists and tree surgeons will benefit from this essential tool, which will keep your chainsaw safe, secure and exactly where it needs to be to get the job done. The lightweight polyester webbing with elastic centre helps retract the webbing and dampen any dropping of the chainsaw. The chainsaw lanyard also comes with a stainless steel O-ring for attaching your harness safely and securely.

There are many moving parts and lots to think about whilst you are working at height, so work with peace of mind whilst using our chainsaw harness. The device will drastically reduce the chances of your equipment dropping, and the polyester outer makes it simple to keep the lanyard clean and well-maintained.

Good to know

We create all our products here, on-site in our workshop. Phill is the designer, creator and manufacturer, therefore no two items are quite the same. You’ll be getting a totally Yorkshire-made item whilst supporting our small business with each purchase – win-win!

Phill has a strong background as an arborist, with many years’ experience behind him… so he knows exactly what he’s looking for when it comes to chainsaw equipment. We use these chainsaw lanyards during our chainsaw-related courses too, and always receive positive feedback from our candidates.

Chainsaw Lanyard details

Please note:

  • These are for chainsaw use only
  • These chainsaw lanyards / strops have no tear away facility and must be attached to a weak part of your chainsaw or harness

Rough measurements are:

  • Retracted 91.5cm (old school 36”)
  • Extended 139.5cm (old school 55”)
  • 25mm tubular webbing

Chainsaw lanyards don’t come under LOLER regulations

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