Handcrafted Fruit Picking Apron


A must-have item for the ultimate convenience, this handy fruit picking apron is a heavy-duty, hands-free hard-wearing device that would also make a great gift.

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Product description

Our fruit picking apron is ideal for…

Picking apples, oranges, citrus, veggies, herbs, pears and more is easy with our fruit picking apron. This device will greatly speed up your harvesting time, as the user is able to be completely hands-free whilst focussing on the job at hand.

With its high load-bearing ability, this apron can be used by hobbyists and professional fruit-pickers alike. At the front, the pouch secured by buttons allows a large-sized pocket. This can be easily opened whilst wearing when needed – allowing the user to empty the fruit without touching, therefore reducing the chances of bruising or damage.


The inspiration behind this product came closer to home. Demelza is an avid gardener… and where better to find the perfect solution than her husband (and inventor) – Phill!

Good to know

We create all our products here, on-site in our workshop. Phill is the designer, creator and manufacturer, therefore no two items are quite the same. You’ll be getting a totally Yorkshire-made item whilst supporting our small business with each purchase – win-win!

Phill uses high-quality polyester canvas for this product. The design also includes an adjustable neck strap and waist strap for that bit of extra support, which should provide you with many years of fruit picking adventures.

Fruit picking apron details

Please note: As this is a handcrafted item; no two aprons are identical – all are unique!

Cleaning instructions: wipe clean with a damp cloth, and ensure you store the apron in a clean and dry space to aid its life span.

Rough measurements are that of a standard apron with a huge front pocket.

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