Refresher Training Courses

Looking for refreshers training courses in chainsaw, tree climbing, pesticides or machinery? Then we can help. Have a look below and see what we offer.
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PA1 safe handling of pesticides training course. PA1 PA6 PA2 training

PA1 Safe Handling of Pesticides Refresher

PA6a knapsack sprayer or hand held lance training course PA1 PA6 PA2 training

PA6a Knapsack to Land Refresher

PA6aw to or near water with a knapsack or hand held lance training course PA1 PA6 PA2 training

PA6aw To or Near Water Refresher

PA2a boom sprayer and PA2f weed wiper pesticide training course PA1 PA6 PA2 training

PA2a Boom Sprayer Refresher

Refresher training courses are an important part of being a professional operator in your chosen industry. HSE advise refresher training at least every 5 years. However, your insurance company may insist on a shorter time frame such as every 3 years. 

It is important to check what your insurance company requirements are for refresher training and ensure that you comply with their request.

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