Sit Astride All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Quad bike and trailer refresher training

Our refresher for ATV sit astride or quad bike and trailer courses run in North Yorkshire, ideal for rangers, conservation, farmers, gamekeepers and utility workers.

Refresher for ATV Sit Astride and Trailer

(Quad bike)

ATV Sit Astride and trailer refresher

Things you must consider when it comes to machinery refreshers, who is asking you for the evidence of a refresher?

  • Is it for your peace of mind?
  • Requirements of your insurance company?
  • A contract that you have to fulfil?

Before booking be sure that this refresher course will fulfil your requirements. 

If you have contracts with specific companies they may insist on awarding organisations refresher certificates.

Carrying out quad bike, ATV sit astride activities within the industry as a professional is something to take seriously, as such it is important to keep up to date and attend refresher courses. 

Think of it this way, if you have an incident one of the first questions your insurance company or HSE may ask, is,

‘When were you last refreshed?’

It’s not going to sound so good if you say you haven’t had a refresher since you did your original course twenty years ago.

Don’t forget HSE advise a refresher every 5 years and some insurance
companies are now insisting on a refresher course every three years. 

Do you know what your insurance company requires?

With all this in mind and you are now faced with having to gain your chainsaw from a rope and harness refresher have you been:

  • struggling to find the right fit in terms of a training provider?
  • confused by all the names, numbers and acronyms for the land based courses that are available to you?
  • worried you will get it wrong or waste your hard-earned money?
  • concerned that it will feel like going back to school?
Then we can help you!

No matter which sector you are coming from, and your level of
experience. We can work with you to understand your training needs. To tailor a programme and provide courses that will be suitable for you.

Providing award-winning training through tailored, flexible, friendly, approachable trainers and assessors.

All courses are run in small groups. To ensure you have as much time as needed to learn and experience the requirements for the assessments.
If you chose to take them. Trainers and assessors are experienced, friendly, and approachable.

Finally, as with all Lowe Maintenance courses, you get support and advice via email or on the phone. If you need it in the future. Just because you’ve completed the course doesn’t mean you can’t get in touch if you need more information or guidance.

Lowe Maintenance Certificate of Completion

This is the certificate you will gain on successful completion of your ATV Sit Astride and Trailer refresher course, it is valid for 3 years. 

We would advise that you check with your insurance company before booking to ensure they are happy with a certificate of completion, many are, but is it certainly worth checking first!

Companies we already provide refresher courses for are:

  • National Parks
  • National Trust
  • Natural England
  • Estates 
  • amongst many others 

Our one-day ATV sit astride and trailer refresher training course provides you with any industry updates, along with plenty of time for you to demonstrate maintenance, pre-use checks and safe use of the machines, including the dreaded reversing!

Group sizes are no more than four candidates to one trainer, so nice small group sizes. To allow for plenty of discussion and questions. 

You will have access to the Lowe Maintenance portal on booking where you will find leaflets and updates to look through before attending the practical session. 

On this ATV sit astride refresher course you will be covering or demonstrating:

  • risk assessment and emergency procedures
  • relevant health and safety regulations and changes where applicable
  • ability to identify all the controls
  • carry out maintenance and pre-use checks
  • discuss and demonstrate factors when operating ATVs on various terrain
  • discuss safe loading and driving on various terrain
  • drive the ATV around a specified course, with and without a trailer
  • demonstrate reversing of a trailer 
  • carry out cleaning and post-use checks 
  • and demonstrate industry best practice 
Candidate portal 

On booking your course you will be given access to the candidate portal, where you will find lots of leaflets and documentation to read through before you attend the course. This helps you with the terminology on the day and gives you a heads-up of what to expect in any discussions. There could even be some videos to watch to help embed your learning ready for the session. 


You will be assessed ongoing throughout the session by your trainer who will make recommendations as required. There is no formal assessment process for this course but must meet the requirements listed above to be fully refreshed and demonstrate competence. 

We may be stating the obvious and it is sad that we have to be saying this as it appears it is not common practice. 

When attending a course with us, you must follow any instructions that are given when using any equipment and carrying out tasks, for the safety of all involved. 

For further details please see our terms and conditions for courses.

ATV Sit Astride Refresher
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Under PUWER regulations anyone using machinery within their work must have received adequate training whether it be formal or informal and must meet the requirements of their insurance company.

Non independant  training and assessment means that the training and assessment are completed at different times. So in the case of hand held hedge cutter all the training is done first and then each person is assessed seperately. The training and assessment can be done by the same trainer/assessor or different ones. 

As part of the course you will be expected to drive:

  • up,
  • down
  • and along slopes

General pre-use checks to ensure suitability to drive, such as fuel, oil, water, electrics, tyres, air filter etc.

Anything above and beyond would be carried out when you send the machines for servicing.

ATV’s are sometimes seen as a bit of fun and not fully respected, at the end of the day it is a machine designed to do a job and if mis-used the consequences can be fatal. Fatalities are becoming more frequent due to people not understanding the machine and its capabilities.

Under Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 you are required to wear appropriate PPE in the workplace. A helmet therefore should be worn.

Common sense would hopefully kick in, these machines are not toys and as such you should ensure you are wearing a helmet at all times. Also, if you are able to take passengers they too should be wearing a helmet.

If you have chosen to do the trailer unit, then yes.

You need to be able to reverse around a 90-degree angle.

We would advise getting some practice in beforehand if you haven’t done much before.

If you choose to do the trailer unit too, then yes. Ideally try and get some practice in reversing the trailer before attending the course and assessment.

If you don’t require the trailer unit, please let us know on booking as we automatically put you down for it at the same time.

If you are driving on the road, then yes you will need a driving licence.


No, you will learn during the course what is needed and what is expected of you under Health and Safety and PUWER legislation.

When driving an ATV quad bike:

  • helmet
  • safety glasses (if applicable)
  • ear defenders (if applicable)
  • non-snag clothing, ideally coveralls
  • gloves
  • safety footwear

No, it is dependent on which machine you will be driving.

  • ATV sit astride
  • ATV sit in
  • Argo cat 

Are all different qualifications. 

Legally you must be over 13 years old.

However, manufacturers may state that you have to be 16 years old if this is the case that is the age that someone must be to drive that particular model.

Sometimes, yes, if the machine is in safe working order and you have the terrain to enable the course to be completed on. Please get in touch to discuss the suitability of your machine and site.

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