Roger Wilson Handheld Hedge Cutters Testimony

Roger Wilson recently attended a safe use of handheld hedge cutter, he clearly has a great knowledge and understanding of health, safety, roles and responsibilities in the work place.

He demonstrated a safe, methodical attitude to hedge cutting it was clear to see that he has had a lot of practice over the years.

Part of the course is not only to maintain your hedge cutter, but to identify certain species of hedges, whether they are formal, informal, native, non native, times of year for cutting and how often you can cut them (for example before or after flowering) these are really important elements of the practicalities of cutting hedges, especially if you want your customers to have you back!

A great testimony, review from him based on the day’s events.



If your interested in attending a handheld hedge cutter course here are more details Handheld Hedge Cutters