Award in Safe Use of Brushcutters and Trimmers

City and Guilds / NPTC Level 2

(Integrated assessment 14-21)

Safe Use of Brushcutter and trimmers (integrated assessment 14-21)

This qualification is ideal for you if you use a brushcutter or trimmer in the workplace, industries such as agriculture, horticulture, grounds maintenance, forestry, game keeping, etc.

As part of industry good practice and keeping yourself and others safe in the work place, your insurance may insist on some level of formal training to demonstrate compliance.

If you only require the training and your insurance company are happy with that option please do contact us for more details.

As a professional user of a brushcutter or trimmer this course will help you to appreciate the difference between a domestic and a professional model, the importance of having the right machine for the right job and what safety features are more prevalent for those using a brushcutter for 8 hours a day compared to 30 minutes edging your own lawn.

Another consideration are the differences between face protection a full face clear guard or mesh visor and safety glasses, this choice is dependant on which cutting head your using and this will be explained fully as part of the course, where you’ll also demonstrate your understanding through wearing the correct PPE at all times.

In this brushcutter and trimmer course you will cover:

  • pre-use checks and maintenance;
  • correct PPE equipment (personal protective equipment);
  • risk assessment;
  • identification of controls and instruments;
  • the right guard for the right cutting head;
  • operating the machine;
  • to cut or trim to the capacity of the machine.

Award in Safe Use of Brushcutters and Trimmers City & Guilds NPTC Level 2

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course you should be able to:
1) Know how to carry out a risk assessment.
2) Know the health and safety legislation that underpins trimmer and brushcutter operations.
3) Know the appropriate PPE the trimmer and brushcutter operations.
4) Know the health and safety features of the equipment being used.
5) Know how to maintain the trimmer / brushcutter.
6) Understand different operating techniques.
7) Know how to store equipment safely and appropriately.

18th June 2019

1st August 2019

17th September 2019

If you have a group of people please get in touch to discuss alternative dates.

Training fee £150 +VAT = £180 per person
Assessment plus City and Guilds registration fee £52 per person (no VAT).

Total £232 per person.

If you require independent assessment
Assessment plus City and Guilds registration fee £127 per person (no VAT).

All fees are payable upon booking.

You will require:
1) Coveralls.
2) Safety footwear.

All other PPE and equipment can be supplied by Lowe Maintenance at no extra cost, under the proviso that any damages and / or losses are replaced by the candidate.

Please get in touch with us if you wish to use your own equipment and machinery to check its suitability.

One extended day due to the integrated training and assessment method (all training and assessment is carried out in the same day).

Award in Safe Use of Brushcutters and Trimmers City & Guilds NPTC Level 2.

Do you need a refresher? HSE advises that you complete a refresher every 5 years, although some insurance companies state every 3 years. We can help. We tend to run the courses when we have four people requiring the same units for refreshing, if you get in touch we can add you to the list and let you know when the next refresher date is planned for.

Equally if you have a group of people we can put a date together just for you.

Safe Use of Brushcutters and Trimmers – one day refresher £100 +VAT = £120 per person.

You will receive a Lowe Maintenance Certificate of Completion.

Don’t need a qualification? Your insurance company are happy for formal training only? Then we can help. We can carry out formal training with no accredited assessment.

One day, training fee £100 +VAT = £120 per person

You will receive a Lowe Maintenance Certificate of Completion.

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