Are you a Sub-contractor for a Forestry Organisation?

Our land based training and forestry courses are perfect for those of you who work within forestry organisations

Forestry Organisations

Forestry is an industry that has been around for hundreds of years. It is fascinating to see how the industry has developed and become more and more technical with the use of harvesters and forwarders. However, there is still a place for hand cutting using chainsaws within forestry organisations. 

Have you:

  • Recently gained a new contract and need some team members up-skilling?
  • A need for refresher training to demonstrate competence?
  • Been tasked with arranging training for the team and not sure where to start?
  • Struggled to find the right land based courses for your organisation?
  • Got confused by all the names, numbers and acronyms for the land based courses that are available?
  • Concerns over finding the right fit training provider?

Let us help you, at no extra cost, to take some of the worries, stress and time off your shoulders by offering a straightforward, flexible service for those staff you oversee.

If you:
  • Oversee staff within a forestry organisation or team
  • Are responsible for organising forestry courses for chainsaw operators, sub contractors, de-veg teams
  • Want an honest simple answer as to what training is and is not needed, then we can help.

We already work with a range of forestry organisations such as:

  • Tilhill
  • Bolton Abbey and Chatsworth Estate,
  • The Landmark Trust
  • The Land Management Partnership
  • National Parks
  • National Trusts
  • Wildlife Trusts

So, get in touch as we can certainly help you buy giving straight forward, honest answers to any questions you may have. If the following sounds familiar:

  • Do you work as part of a forestry organisation?
  • Are you looking to enhance your portfolio and continue your professional development?
  • Have you recently been taken on as an apprentice or new member of staff within a forestry organisation
  • Have you been tasked with sorting out the training budgets and allocation for this financial year and not sure where to start on what forestry courses are suitable?
  • Looking for bespoke training to ensure your staff, teams, volunteers and apprentices can get onto the site, to carry out tasks in your work environment?
  • Have you got the job of finding forestry courses for team members and unsure what you are looking for?
  • Confused by all the names, numbers and acronyms for the forestry courses that are available?
  • Have you struggled to find the right land based courses for your forestry organisation?

Then we can help you!

No matter which type of forestry organisation you are coming from, and the level of experience. We can work with you to understand your training needs. Tailoring a programme and provide courses that will be suitable for you and your staff within your forestry organisation.

For more details of courses specific to your forestry organisation check out the links opposite.

Providing award-winning training through tailored, flexible, friendly, approachable trainers and assessors.

All our courses run with small groups. To ensure everyone has as much time as needed to learn and experience the requirements for the assessments. If you chose to take them. Trainers and assessors have the experience, are friendly, and approachable.

We specialise in the following areas:
  • Chainsaw and felling training
  • Tree climbing and rescue courses
  • Pesticides courses
  • Pest control
  • Land based machinery training
  • Ash Dieback training
  • Tree Condition and Survey
  • Health and safety training

Finally, as with all Lowe Maintenance courses, you get support and advice via email or on the phone. If you need it in the future. Just because you’ve completed the course doesn’t mean you can’t get in touch if you need more information or guidance.

So, if you need any help in organising and deciding on suitable training get in touch with us today. 

For specific details on your chosen area click below

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