Tree Climbing, Rescue, Pruning and Rigging

Training in tree climbing, aerial rescue, pruning and rigging. Courses run on a regular basis in Settle North Yorkshire

Tree Climbing and Rescue 20-13 (CS38) training courses held monthly in North Yorkshire

Tree climbing and rescue 20-13 (formally CS38)

Tree climbing and rescue (CS38) course run regularly in North Yorkshire, ideal for ground-based tree workers, ecologists, utility, City and Guilds accredited.

Chainsaw free fall techniques CS39 training courses in Settle North Yorkshire

Aerial Cutting of Trees Using Free-Fall Techniques 21-08 (formally CS39)

Using a chainsaw off ground from a rope and harness using freefall techniques (CS39), our courses run regularly in North Yorkshire. City and Guilds accredited.

Aerial tree pruning 21-07 (CS40) training course in North Yorkshire

Aerial Tree Pruning 21-07
(formally CS40)

Aerial pruning course (CS40), effective pruning techniques from a rope and harness to crown thin, reduce or lift a tree canopy, course held in North Yorkshire.

tree rigging training course

Aerial Rigging of Trees 21-09 (formally CS41)

Dismantle trees with rigging systems and chainsaws? CS41 is ideal for arborists working in tree surgery/arboriculture. Courses run regularly in North Yorkshire.

tree climbing taster training course

Tree Climbing taster session
Try before you buy!

Want to have a go at tree climbing before booking on a course? This free half day session lets you try before you buy! Run regularly in Settle North Yorkshire.

How to fell and work safely with trees that have Ash Dieback A training course in Ash Dieback safety

Ash dieback risk assessment, work planning and methodology

Want to know how Ash Dieback will affect you, your work, your trees? This course will provide you with full details. Run on a regular basis in North Yorkshire.

For all your tree climbing, rescue and rigging needs.

Whether you are looking to get started in the world of tree climbing, rigging and pruning or you have been in the industry for years and years we have everything you need right here. 

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions and get in touch if you can’t see what you are looking for. 

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