“You First”

Loyalty Scheme

We value you, our candidates.

So we have put together the “You First” Loyalty Scheme

For each course, refresher or LOLER inspection date you get a stamp

1 Free stamp for joining

10 stamps equates to £100 off the training fee of your next course!




Follow the steps opposite to join.

If you don’t have a smart phone it is possible for Demelza to set up an account for you please contact her directly to request this.

Terms and Conditions of the “You First” Loyalty Scheme

  1. You will receive 1 stamp:
    • For joining 
    • Per completed course
    • Per LOLER inspection date
    • Per full completion of referral of a friend
  2. Refer a friend stamps will be added to your account once that person completed the course. The course evaluation must clearly state who referred them.
  3. Exclusive ‘you heard it first’ offers
  4. Additional reward offers will be made available from time to time
  5. Members can earn a maximum of 10 stamps in any one collection period
  6. As a member of the loyalty scheme it is your responsibility to ensure your personal details are kept up to date on the app
  7. Please make us aware (in the notes section on the booking form) at the time of booking if you wish to redeem your stamps
  8. Stamps cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts
  9. Stamps cannot be exchanged for cash and the offer is not transferable
  10. The reward is redeemable for training fees or one LOLER inspection date only
  11. Stamps have no value until redeemed at the end of the collection period
  12. Lowe Maintenance will remove stamps that have not been used within the 4 year collection period
  13. Only the named account holder can access the stamps
  14. Loyalty scheme is non transferable
  15. Any misuse of the loyalty scheme will result in you being removed from the system
  16. The loyalty scheme can be withdrawn at any time without prior notice